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Star Fire Spa, an Advance Clinical Skin Care Clinic offers the Diamond Tip & Crystal Microdermabrasion – one of the most popular, gentle, and effective skin-care treatment alternatives to laser resurfacing, chemical peeling and other esthetic procedures.

A detailed Advanced Skin Analysis  is mandatory prior to any services we offer to our new clients. We will assess your skin health to determine the best service for your skin type and condition for optimal exfoliation results. At Star Fire Spa, Advance Clinical Skin Care Clinic is commitment to a high standard of care from start to finish, and is ensured by receiving a personalized and customized Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care plan and follow ups.

We offer Consultations on Monday.  

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If you desire the look of smooth skin, and you are not ready for chemical peels or dermaplane treatments, then microdermabrasion may be the perfect option for you. This therapy is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time and is designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production with light suction with mechanical exfoliation for smooth and even skin.  This service is gentle, yet effective and is great for clients starting off in advance clinical skincare.  Microdermabrasion may assist with the appearance of:

  • post acne scars
  • surgical scars
  • chicken pox scars
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles and upper lip lines
  • large pores and skin texture






Q: Is Microderabrasion Suitable For Me?

A: Once a Skin Analysis with Consultation is booked, we will go over the best services for your skin, tone, Fitzpatrick, and your personal beauty goals.  After the consultation, we will setup a date two weeks out for your first service. 


Q: What Can Microdermabrasion Do For Me?

A: Microdermabrasion can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps reduce the appearance of post acne marks, smooths uneven skin,  evens texture. and minimizes the appearance large pores. Microdermabrasion helps the skin regenerate by increasing its elasticity and collagen production. The skin looks fresh and feels smooth.



Q: How Many Treatments Are Required?

A:  Major changes are obvious after the fifth session, even though most patients say they observed improvements after the first two. Most doctors suggest 6 to 10 microdermabrasion treatments, scheduled around one to two weeks apart, so the skin has time to recover between microdermabrasion sessions. After the recommended number of sessions, you may have to schedule another microdermabrasion once every three to four weeks, to maintain the effects. How often you need to receive treatment will be discussed during the Skin Analysis with Consultation on Mondays. 


Q: Will I Experience Any Discomfort During Treatment? Does It Hurt?

A: Microdermabrasion treatment is painless. Some patients have reported some a scratching sensation as diamond tip came in contact with their skin. You may feel some discomfort around the eyes, but as microdermabrasion treatment continues, your skin gets used to crystal flow. It feels like the mild facial massage from a special wand. Your face may appear a little pinkish in the first 24 hours, but you should not experience any itchiness or pain.


Q: How Do I Prepare For Microdermabrasion?

A: Two weeks prior to service you will start on a Skinceuticals Prep & Recondition Kit to prepare the skin for microdermabrasion allowing for better results.This information will be discussed during the Consultation scheduled on Monday, along with any other information necessary to provide the best possible service.  At the appointment your face needs to be cleansed and all makeup removed at home, and contact lenses need to be not worn. You will be required to bring in your post care items that are purchased at your consultation.


Q: How Soon Can I Return To Work?

A: You can return to work the minute you leave your Star Fire Spa, Advance Clinical Skin Care Clinic. 


Q: When Do Microdermabrasion Results Become Visible?

A: That depends on your skin, and the goals of the treatment plan set by your Clinical Aesthetician at the Consultation. Some clients reported changes after the first treatment. Your skin will look cleaner and healthier after a few microdermabrasion sessions, but major changes (like reduction of wrinkles and scars) become visible after six treatments.




Q: Are There Any Microdermabrasion Contraindications?

A: Microdermabrasion is not recommended to keratosis sufferers, people with undiagnosed lesions, active rosacea or acne, weeping acne (stages 3 to 4), diabetes, auto-immune disorders, fragile capillaries, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or lupus. Recent laser surgery or Accutane acne treatment may also be sound reasons for your doctor not to recommend microdermabrasion. 


Q: What Can't Microdermabrasion Do?

A: Microdermabrasion can not cure severe scarring or deeply spotted areas on your face and body. Microdermabrasion works well to remove the dead skin cells of the epidermis.  Don't expect microdermabrasion to remove tattoos, make Hyperpigmentation (darker pigmented areas) disappear or treat severe burn scars.

Contraindications for chemical peels include:

    • Current or recent use of accutane, eczema, dermatitis, malignant skin tumors, open lesions, lupus, active herpes infection, sunburn and keratoses.
    • Avoid going to a tanning bed two weeks prior to treatment. This practice should be discontinued due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging.
    • Waxing/threading or use depilatory creams for 7 days prior.
    • Cosmetic injections for 2 weeks before and after treatments.
    • Refrain use of Tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana and high-percentage AHA and BHA products for approximately 7 days prior to treatment. Consult your Physician before temporarily discontinuing use of any prescription medications.
    • No Contact Lenses


Click here to view Pre- Care & Post Care Requirements.


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