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Chemical Exfoliant Peels

At Star Fire Spa, Advance Skin Care Clinic, each Chemical Exfoliant Peel is customized specifically for your skin type, tone, and Fitzpatrick level to achieve desired results.


A detailed Advanced Skin Analysis using the latest research and developments in advanced skin treatments. We will assess your skin health to determine the best peel for your skin type and condition for optimal exfoliation results. At Star Fire Spa Advance Skin Care Clinic is commitment to a high standard of care from start to finish, and is ensured by receiving a personalized and customized Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care plan and follow ups.  


We are proud to offer the best in Professional Clinical Skin Care products in the  Aesthetic Industry; Skinceuticals Advance Skin Care Products & Treatments.

Chemical Exfoliant Peels are treatments using concentrated acidic solutions to remove the damaged outer superficial epidermis layers of the skin, regenerate new cell growth, fibroblast stimulation and collagen production, and dramatically improve the skins' overall appearance. These customized peel treatments are designed to progressively treat issues ranging from moderate to severe acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture. ​After the peel your skin will look instantly smoother, brighter and more hydrated, with minimal downtime.






Your skin must be prepped two weeks prior with a peel prep kit from Skinceuticals before having your first chemical exfoliant peel. A series of six peels is recommended. Pre and post treatment protocols are mandatory, and must be followed to ensure skin safety and to achieve desired results.


Customize your Chemical Exfoliant Peel around the following skin concerns:

  • Removing build-up of dead skin cells
  • Stimulating the regenerative process
  • Decreasing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improving skin texture, tone, and hydration
  • Reducing pore size
  • Helping to clear blemishes
  • Promoting more balanced oil production and healthier skin


Recommended Treatment Frequency:

First 6 treatments: 1-2 weeks depending on the skin condition, and could be pushed out 2-3 weeks for certain skin types and conditions.

Maintenance: 3-4 weeks. 

6 treatments $750.00 Currently available at a discounted rate. 



Visible exfoliation doesn’t determine the efficacy of treatment. Generally, healthy skin has less visible exfoliation. Exfoliation often takes place at the cellular level and is not always apparent to the naked eye. Conversely, some clients’ skin is so impacted that it can take a few peels to loosen dead cells enough to allow them to shed. Typically, these patients will see little or no peeling initially, and then see sloughing after a few treatments. Using analogies that a client can relate to can be an incredibly useful. For example: feeling drowsy after taking pain medication is a side effect, just as peeling is a side effect to a chemical peel; some people may feel drowsy when taking the medication and some may not, just as some may experience exfoliation from a peel and some may not – either way, the efficacy of the medication or peel is not contingent on the side effect. 



  • Which peels may be used on someone who exercises frequently?

    Someone who is active may have any peel, but all peel clients must wait 48 hours after a treatment to exercise.

  • Can people who are frequently in the sun receive peels?

    Yes, but only if they use (SPF) sunscreen protection every day. Sunbathing should be avoided due to increased risk of skin cancer and visible premature aging, but especially prior to treatments. Directly following treatment and while the skin is peeling. If you are receiving chemical exfoliant peels to reduce the skin discoloration (Hyper Pigmentation) it is imperative to use the appropriate SKINCEUTICALS Skin Brightening products, as well as a broad spectrum SPF 50 product daily, reapplying every 2 hours, and avoid unnecessary sun exposure to reduce the chance of further hyper pigmentation. 

  • I didn’t peel, did the treatment work?

    SKINCEUTICAL Peels deliver excellent results whether or not visible peeling occurs. Exfoliation is at a cellular level and not apparent to the naked eye. SKINCEUTICALS  Professional treatments create a tighter, firmer complexion and appearance. They are formulated to preserve, promote and protect healthy skin, regardless of whether the client sees visible exfoliation following treatment. 


    Contraindications for chemical exfoliant peels include:

      • Current or recent use of accutane, eczema, dermatitis, malignant skin tumors, open lesions, lupus, active herpes infection, sunburn and keratoses.
      • Avoid going to a tanning bed two weeks prior to treatment. This practice should be discontinued due to the increased risk of skin cancer and signs of aging.
      • Waxing/threading or use depilatory creams for 7 days prior.
      • Cosmetic injections for 2 weeks before and after treatments.
      • Refrain use of Tretinoin, Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, EpiDuo, Ziana and high-percentage AHA and BHA products for approximately 7 days prior to treatment. Consult your Physician before temporarily discontinuing use of any prescription medications.


    Click here to view Pre- Care & Post Care Requirements.


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